Me……. Myself………

Like my grandfather and both of my parents before I, Soma Singh consider myself a born teacher. And with over 17 years of teaching experience, as well as 10 years of administrative experience, i’ve clearly made the most of my calling.

In my pursuit to learning in  every moment I have  got wide exposure to varied pedagogy  and developed uncommon teaching aptitude and a great affection for students of all learning levels.

I love helping my students overcome educational obstacles by applying the  problem-solving approach to tackling bigger issues – like sustainability.

“Sustainable development is the need of the hour for the entire human race,” I believe. My recent project, Sustainable Development, had students researching and analyzing the environmental impact of various household staples (lights, fans and computers, to name a few), and then presenting their results.

The latest evolution of the project, Class of the Future Designing the Township of the Future, goes even deeper, adding interviews with community members and the use of Windows 8.1 tablets.

I am a technology leader at my school driving a commitment to innovation that earned Delhi Public School Ghaziabad a 2015 Microsoft Showcase School designation. Students at my school are leaving well prepared for the challenges of the future.


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