The Taste of Globe-II

  Hi World! My class has had lots of fun following the #tastylife17 blog and reading and learning about Indian as well continental food. Exploring about the festival of colours:Holi has been a new learning for even Indian students. Agrim Sinha and Manorma reflected on their family traditions and share photographs of their families dining together. Aditya learns and shares his learning about holi   … Continue reading The Taste of Globe-II

Taste of the Globe

Thanks to Viviana Lopez! She has created this interesting opportunity for the students of schools across continents. My grade 7 students are all enthusiastic to take the project further and exploring about regional and national food. India with its diverse cultural and socio-economical heritage enjoys a huge variety of food traditions and festivals, some with the religious values, some being harvest festivals make occasions … Continue reading Taste of the Globe