Taste of the Globe-III

  As the fever of Global cooking project takes on my students get increasingly involved and excited to participate. They wait for the assignments and share their work without fail. Sarthak Gupta, Shreeja Saxena and Aditya shared their work on favourite Indian festival cuisines. Manorma talks about her favorite lunch The excitement goes on rising with each day. Happy working………week 2 (1) Continue reading Taste of the Globe-III

The Taste of Globe-II

  Hi World! My class has had lots of fun following the #tastylife17 blog and reading and learning about Indian as well continental food. Exploring about the festival of colours:Holi has been a new learning for even Indian students. Agrim Sinha and Manorma reflected on their family traditions and share photographs of their families dining together. Aditya learns and shares his learning about holi   … Continue reading The Taste of Globe-II

Taste of the Globe

Thanks to Viviana Lopez! She has created this interesting opportunity for the students of schools across continents. https://t.co/pM194Iz9YT My grade 7 students are all enthusiastic to take the project further and exploring about regional and national food. India with its diverse cultural and socio-economical heritage enjoys a huge variety of food traditions and festivals, some with the religious values, some being harvest festivals make occasions … Continue reading Taste of the Globe

Digital Classrooms transforming Education


Bill Gates rightly said, “Imagination has its own form of courage, and technology gives us the wings that help us fly to that dream”. Education nowadays cannot be confined to a specific topography, culture or system. We are citizens of a world which is shrinking with every passing breath. The world of today’s child is multi polar and beset with complex problems. These can be solved only when they have an in-depth understanding of our pluralistic society.



At Delhi Public School Ghaziabad it is our endeavour has always been to position DPSG as a frontline leader in providing new focus and direction in building new paradigms in quality and futuristic education; preparing students for ‘Life beyond School’.

  • Delhi Public School Ghaziabad has carved a niche for itself by being India’s top ranker day boarding school in term of academic rigor for two consecutive years as per the ‘Education World’ survey.
  • The school is ranked as 8th , in the ranking of India’s top CBSE schools
  • MICROSOFT chose DPSG as one of the five schools in India to be a Microsoft Showcase School.



VID-20151210-WA0001.mp4. Continue reading “Digital Classrooms transforming Education”

Sail Lite

‘Sail through life with the lightest load possible’ this phrase by Puneeta, my friend, my mentor always alerts me whenever I get my heart heavy of thoughtlessness of others, injustice by God or any unfavorably outcome of any venture. Puneeta had taught me to unload myself of the unpleasant experiences, grudges and disappointments. She has influenced my thought process to become positive and forward looking. This … Continue reading Sail Lite

Me……. Myself………

Like my grandfather and both of my parents before I, Soma Singh consider myself a born teacher. And with over 17 years of teaching experience, as well as 10 years of administrative experience, i’ve clearly made the most of my calling. In my pursuit to learning in  every moment I have  got wide exposure to varied pedagogy  and developed uncommon teaching aptitude and a great affection for students of … Continue reading Me……. Myself………