Sail Lite

‘Sail through life with the lightest load possible’ this phrase by Puneeta, my friend, my mentor always alerts me whenever I get my heart heavy of thoughtlessness of others, injustice by God or any unfavorably outcome of any venture. Puneeta had taught me to unload myself of the unpleasant experiences, grudges and disappointments. She has influenced my thought process to become positive and forward looking. This … Continue reading Sail Lite

My Students at Global Forum Redmond

It is exposure to the new and unknown that expands our horizons. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s workforce. It thus becomes imperative to let them engage with their peers cross boundaries, this objective of Microsoft manifested in the involvement of Student Ambassadors from 17 different school from different parts of the world in the E2 forum at Redmond from April 28 to May 1, 2015. … Continue reading My Students at Global Forum Redmond